Friday, October 7, 2011

indie wed: inspiration for a military-esque wedding

I've always liked military-inspired style and with it trending right now, it's a good time to take some brass-button inspiration and get your wedding in-line and at attention… okay that was a pretty lame play on words, but seriously, this could look really awesome :)

(A bit dramatic, but inspiring none the less)

When I started Googling I was surprised as how uncommon this seems.  Therefore, it's a lot easier to find amazing military style coats and dresses if white isn't your preference :/  That being said, with a little digging and creativity, there's a lot of inspiration to be had.

Take the Princess of Style herself, Kate Middleton, in this lovely from Reiss which does happen to be white:

And look at this pretty little number.Very military but very feminine by Alexander McQueen:

She wears this style so elegantly, huh?  Another McQueen, this one white too:

 Kate's first white coat makes a return next to Hayden Panettiere and Miley Cyrus':

Even if you're not fashion royalty, you still have options.  Etsy is one of my favorites.

One great thing about Etsy (among so many) is that you can often make special requests of the artists.  Most of these Etsy gems are made-to-order with your measurements and several of them can be in the color of your choice.  If it doesn't mention that option in the listing you could always message the seller and ask if they'll do a custom listing especially for a wedding :D

This one is very cute and elegant at the same time.  It could work either by itself as a short wedding dress or with a long skirt beneath it.  This one mentions custom colors in the listing :D!  I think it would look beautiful in white.

The Olga Coat is my favorite of the bunch.  The mix of masculine details and feminine lines just sings to me.  I can imagine a big, poofy Cinderella skirt under this!  *sigh*

I love the waist on this coat and also the fact that the back is longer than the front.  This one would also work with a flowy skirt I think.  This listing mentions custom colors too!

Kate Middleton inspired of course:

I love the look of this coat, although as you can tell, I'm partial to the double-breasted ;):

This sweet and simple coat is budget-friendly too (as far as wedding apparel goes) and I love the red buttons and the front wrapping all the way across:

This sophisticated digi-camo bolero is somehow feminine and unexpected:

This darling cape comes in white too or any other color you like:

If *I* were getting married again , this would probably be the one I'd go with.  A good price and you've gotta love those sleeves.  I would totally wear this with something poofy.  I like poofy.  Oh yeah and it comes in white too ;):

If you're still not satisfied after Etsy (O_O) here are a few more places to buy military lovelies:

From Nordstrom, I can see this working over a round skirt or a "mullet" skirt:


Pretty much the only one I was able to find that was *not* a coat :P

The fur on this could be a really cool touch for a winter wedding, especially if you like it lol.  Well, I like it without the belt and I guess it's sold separately anyway so there you go:

This coat is in taffeta which I think would make it more wedding appropriate:

Sure, it's black, but this dress/coat is pretty darn cool:

As is this one:

And this elegant number.  A feat in design I think:

For the accessories:

I think a cool boot would be great, especially in camel or white:

But if you want something simpler, go for a cute camo shoe clip:

You could go masculine with headgear:

Or feminine and retro:

And I don’t think a girl can go wrong with leather gloves:

For colors try Olive Drab, Sand and Sable or Navy, Black and Gunmetal.

Hope that gives you some ideas!  I focused mainly on the Bride in this post, but if anyone is interested in seeing more wedding party ideas for this, just let me know!


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