Monday, October 10, 2011

etsy finds: atypical knittery

I've never been a big sweater fan.  I think it may have something to do with being "well endowed."  So many sweaters have a high neckline and high necklines tend to make me look saggy.  Sad, but true.

I do, however get cold very easily and I also really appreciate the care that goes into a hand knitted piece.  Personally, I crochet, but I think the same principles of determination apply ;).

So how do we get the joys of hand-knitted, sweatery warmth and goodness without getting the uni-boob?  Etsy of course!

Enjoy these feats of knitting prowess:


Vegan Evening Shrug/Bolero, Casual Glamour in 5 colors - Sweater Girl, Canada, Handknit

Approximately $118.59 USD



$280.00 USD

Also designbynihan~

AQUA short sleeves sweater

$295.00 USD

I love short-sleeved sweaters!


Handmade Burgundy Juliet sleeve sweater CLOSEOUT: 50% OFF

$140.00 USD

<3 My favorite!  Don't you just love those sleeves?!


Morning Mist Summer shrug in grey/silver

$44.00 USD

Also ileaiye's

Poncho / Nude Ribbon Poncho

$50.00 USD


Super Snuggly Chunky knit cowl Navy Blue

$79.00 USD


Grey Sweater

$219.00 USD


Kakia - Sweater Dress in Ruby Red

$148.00 USD


Cashmere and Silk Knit Shrug with Basketweave Stitch

$75.00 USD


hand knit cardigan RIONA

$155.00 USD


Hand Knit Hat - Oversized Beehive Beret Hat in Oatmeal

$50.00 USD

Isn't this model just the cutiest thing?  Her expressions remind me of Ellen Page, but maybe that's just me ;)


Knitted cable dress "Grey stone" in grey wool and merino

$400.00 USD

The pink slip makes this one for me :)


Red Riding Hood Knit Dress

$1,500.00 USD

not for the weak of wallet (like me lol), but this dress is pretty amazing


White ivory hand knit dress wedding - custom order

$450.00 USD

A hand-knitted wedding dress?  How cool is that?  Very reasonable price on this one for the detail and wedding-ness :D

These bring me excitement ;)  Don't they make you cozy just looking at them?  Conclusion:  Etsy is a great place for atypical knitting.  The alternative:  Grab a pair of needles and get purling... okay it's obvious I don't knit, huh?


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