Thursday, October 6, 2011

the beat goes on...and on...and on

Look to the right of the blog (now back to me).  You see that pretty little (okay, not as little as I'd like :P) music player?  I like it.  I like the color and I like the songs.  Why yes, I did choose them!  They are some of my very favorites.

But, my friends, you will notice that the magical singing box does not sing unless commanded by the sideways triangle button.  Why, when it's tunes are oh-so-lovely?  Because, dear readers, my #1 blogging pet peeve (besides mean comments of course ;D) is *singing websites!*  They drive me crazy!  As an infamous browsing multi-tasker who loves to have innumerable tabs open at one time, it is beyond annoying to click on six different links only to have one or three of them start singing in direct contrast to iTunes or Pandora :-/.  Then when I go to stop the singing, I have to 1) rush to find which tab has an auto music player by 2) scrolling down to the bottom of every single page to find the persistent box of doom, all the while getting a headache and freaking out my husband, especially if the sound was up too loud :P.

Just say no, my friends.

I love to hear your taste in music, really I do.  But I would like the option to choose when I hear it and whether or not I would like to deafen myself today.

I've decided against following blogs I honestly got a lot out of because I didn't want to be eerily besieged with tunes.  C'mon, do you want the first impression of your blog to be annoyance?  I think no.

So enjoy your tunes, but please be sensitive.  Blog music is like kids or puppies; because it's very in-your-face some people will welcome it happily, others not so much.  (Ever notice that people who think everyone will *love* their pets often don't "get" kids and people who think everyone will *love* their children don't "get" pets?)

Anyway, I've said my peace.  If you feel you simply *must* have music playing on your blog, then please at least put the stinkin' box up near the top of the page instead of after every picture and link known to man.  Pleeeeease?  Otherwise just don't have it autoplay :D  Problem solved.

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